Hi I'm Purvanshi

Allow me to break the ice

I am a graduate student at the University of Rochester. My research interests are Natural Language Understanding, Multimodal Learning, Model Calibration, and uncertainty

Here is my C.V. ,Here is my Resume. Social Media presence - Linkedin , Medium , Google-Scholar

Recent news

  1. - Spending my summers at Amazon Lab126 (Working at Alexa AI NLU team)
  2. - I have been selected for the National Research Traineeship (NRT) fellowship program funded by NSF
  3. - Poster presentation on Multimodal Deep Learning at Deep learning Reinforcement Learning Summer School at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada - August 2019
  4. - Talk on Multimodal Learning at Lulea technical University, Sweden - May 2019

Current Courses

  1. - Advanced Computer Vision
  2. - Random Processes
  3. - Graduate Training in Data-Enabled Research into Human Behavior and its Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms - the course covers three modules - 1) Natural Language Understanding 2) Robot Intelligence 3) Probabilistic Models of Neural Cognition

What am I currently working on

  1. - I am currently working on Multimodal Representation Learning (Details to be announced in December)


  1. - NeuralSpace (Applied Machine Learning Engineer) - I worked on uncertainity extimation in Probabilistic Deep Learning Models. We used Bayesian Convolution Neural Network to predict the uncertainity of a prediction in medical domain. My project manager was Felix Laumann.
  2. - My other project at NeuralSpace - Out-of-Stock item prediction. 3 months data from 8 stores over three countries was collected to predict which quantities would go out of stock for the next day.


Interpretability in Multimodal Deep Learning Purvanshi Mehta, Antoine Ledent, Marius Kloft
TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
Developed a ‘p-norm multiple deep-subnetwork learning methodology’ which takes a weighted combination of the embeddings developed from different networks, and induces sparsity in the combination to give us more interpretable results.
Presentation at Lulea Technical University, Sweden - April 2019 [Slides]
Poster presentation at Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning Summer School, Edmonton - July 2019 [Poster]

Bot and gender profiling using Tweets Kovács G., Balogh V., Mehta P., Shridhar K., Liwicki M.
Mindgarage, Kaiserslautern Germany
Took part in author profiling using semantic and syntactic features. Top 5% of the competition. Paper accepted in CLEF - 2019 [Paper] [Poster]

Arithmetic word problem solving Mehta, P., Mishra, P., Athavale, V., Shrivastava, M. and Sharma, D.,
IIIT Hyderabad, India
Worked on building a system which solves simple arithmetic problems . System uses a deep neural architechtures and natural language processing to predict operators between the numerical quantities with an accuracy of 88.81\% in a corpus of primary school questions. Demo​ ​ paper was​ published​ ​ in​ ​ International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing - IJCNLP, 2017
Presentation at IJCNLP - 2017 at Taipei, Taiwan [Paper]

Relation Extraction from Text Mehta, P., Jat, P.
Dhirubhai Ambani Institue of Information and Communication Technology
Worked on relation extraction from text using machine learning techniques(SVM’s) and distant supervision. My work involved understanding basics of natural language processing and information extraction. Paper review of three papers involving improving of distant supervision algorithm for automatically creating labeled training data, end to end relation extraction using distant supervision from external repositories and relation extraction on unlabelled corpora.
Presentation at DAIICT - 2016 [Paper] [Code]


You may reach me at purvanshi.mehta11 [at] gmail [dot] com

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