Computer scientist who believes in doing science the engineering way. These days I keep myself busy in making machines powerful to help us eliminate the redundant tasks we do. I dont associate people with their degrees and level of education but their passion to do something useful in life. I myself have been lucky to find my life long passions of reading and playing Badminton at such early ages of life. I strongly believe in Education being the most powerful weapon of the world so I teach underpriviledged students during visits to my home town.

Current mission

I am currently working on Interpretebility in Multimodal Deep Learning


  • Education

  • Research Asisstant : Dr. Marius Kloft Machine Learning group (TU Kaiserslautern)

    Developed a ‘p-norm multiple subnetwork learning methodology’ which takes a weighted combination of the embeddings developed from different networks, and induces sparsity in the combination to give us more interpretable results.

  • Research Assistant : Language Technologies Research Lab (LTRC)

    Worked under the guidance of Dr. Manish Shrivastava in International Institute for Information Technology (IIIT Hyderabad)

    Worked on building a system which solves simple arithmetic problems . System uses a deep neural architechtures and natural language processing to predict operators between the numerical quantities with an accuracy of 88.81\% in a corpus of primary school questions. Demo​ ​ paper was​ published​ ​ in​ ​ International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing - IJCNLP, 2017

  • Research Intern : Dhirubhai Ambani Institue of Information and Communication Technology

    Worked under the guidancve of Dr. PM Jat

    in Ahmedabad, India

    Worked on relation extraction from text using machine learning techniques(SVM’s) and distant supervision. My work involved understanding basics of natural language processing and information extraction. Paper review of three papers involving improving of distant supervision algorithm for automatically creating labeled training data, end to end relation extraction using distant supervision from external repositories and relation extraction on unlabelled corpora.

  • Software Developer : L'Oreal India Baddi Factory

    The project included automation of packaging management system and report generation along with automation of every five minute paperwork, microstop analysis, machine efficiency, line efficiency, machine breakdown analysis, raw data analysis, labor efficiency, waiting time and suggestion of most critical lines. The work included weekly interaction with workers and iterative design of user friendly UI, meeting with HR for discusing the level of automation that could be included in the factory.



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